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    • Understand the principles of databases.
    • Open and save a simple existing database.
    • Produce and edit a simple database from given specifications.
    • Data is entered into a simple database table from given specifications.
    • Modify the design of a database table.
    • Sort and search for records in a database table.
    Self enrolment
  • Prepare a database to provide a solution to a given problem.

    Create a data entry form for a new database table to solve the given problem.

    Retrieve information from a database.

    Sort data in a database query.

    Create a report for a database table.

    Perform advanced print options for a database.

    Self enrolment
    • Explain financial aspects involved in running new venture.
    • Apply cash flow management in the running of a new venture.
    • Apply an accounting system to manage a new venture.
    • Analyse an income and expenditure statement.
    • Analyse a balance sheet.
    • Make a financial decision based on financial statements.¬†
    Self enrolment
  • The qualifying learner is capable of:¬†

    • Display the understanding of an organisation
    • Apply policy and procedures to meet Vision, Mission and Objectives
    • Apply and interpret strategy to make suggestions and recommendations
    • Lead multiple teams
    • Apply decisions at the general management level in the transport industry Interact with customers peers and supervisors
    • Apply and reflect on change, transformation and gather feedback information¬†

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